Q & A

What kind of issues can I talk to you about?
With all the questions, insecurities, problems and difficulties that are related to human sexuality

and/or to relationships.


I am not used to talking about sexual issues at all and I may find it very difficult

to express myself properly.
That's perfectly normal. For most people it is uncomfortable to talk about sexuality (especially their own). But I assure you that the atmosphere of the talk will be such that you will quickly forget your worries.


How do I make an appointment or get more information?

All sessions can be conveniently booked online - if you have any questions, please feel free to email me.
I take my professional confidentiality very seriously. It begins when you contact me.


Where is your practice located?

The practice is located in 14057 Berlin Charlottenburg, Friedbergstrasse 39, near the lovely Lietzensee.

Within walking distance (10 minutes) from the S-Bahn station Charlottenburg or the S-Bahn station Messe Nord/ICC (Ringbahn). Please ring the bell for 'Praxis'.


Does my health insurance cover the fees?

I'm afraid not. I have a private practice and am not integrated into the Public Health Service.
Therefore, I only work with self-pay clients.


How do I pay the fee?

You can pay in cash at the practice, directly by credit card when booking online, or by bank transfer after receiving your invoice. Therapy is always a reflective and experiential process that takes time and commitment. It is therefore highly recommended that after the first session you book the '3 Session Package', which is also available at a reduced price compared to booking the 3 sessions separately.


Do you also have a fee reduction scheme?
Yes, I do. And that is for students/trainees and people in demonstrably difficult financial circumstances.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.


Can I take part in research projects with free sessions?

I am currently running two studies in my practice which are free to clients. One study is examining the relationship between idiosyncratic masturbation methods and partner sex. The other study is looking at the effect of massage therapy on body image and body acceptance. If you are interested in taking part in one or both studies, would like more information or have any other questions, please contact me. Participation in the study can also be combined with regular therapy, with the sessions (3-5) used for the study being free of charge.


What will the first session be like, what can I/we expect and what is expected of me/us?
In the first session we will of course focus on your current issue and you will receive a (first) professional evaluation from me. We will also discuss the next steps and any other (organisational) matters. In any follow-up sessions, we will continue to assess your current situation and develop your project together.

Counselling and change only really work if clients reflect on what has been discussed in the session and want to try out therapeutic homework. The interval between sessions should also not be too long (intervals of 2 to max. 3 weeks are helpful), otherwise there is hardly any sustainable therapeutic process. Therapy is always a reflexive and experiential process that takes time and requires motivation and commitment. It is therefore highly recommended that after the first session you book the '3 Session Package', which is also available at a reduced price compared to booking the 3 sessions separately.


Intensive training sessions | Psychosexual Bodywork

If you do not live in Berlin or the metropolitan area, or if you would like to work on your topic in a very concentrated way in my practice, then it may make sense to arrange one or more intensive training sessions. These sessions can take place over several days and are flexible in terms of time. This setting is particularly suitable for men who wish to focus on body experience, somatic learning and sex coaching.
Please do not hesitate to contact me.


Do you offer online sessions?
Yes, I offer counselling worldwide via ZOOM.


I identify as part of the gay/queer community. Can I expect a non-discriminatory and non-biased professional attitude from you, and are you familiar with GBTQ?



Do you prescribe medication?
I am afraid that is not possible. In any case, I always advise you to have a (specialist) medical check-up before starting sex therapy to rule out any organic medical problems. Your family doctor or urologist is the right person to contact for this, as well as for prescribing any medication.


What therapeutic methods do you use?
In general, I feel committed to a humanistic view of the human being. Respect for each person with their very different ethnic, cultural, philosophical, religious roots and perspectives and their specific biography is central to me. I work in an integrative way (i.e. with systemic, behavioural, psychodynamic, hypnotherapeutic and essentially various body therapy/mindfulness-based approaches).

In the field of clinical sexology, I use the concept of Approche sexocorporelle, or Sexocorporel for short.


Do you have a question or questions that are not listed here?

Then feel free to send me an email.