Sexual Coaching for Men

Is sex a skill? One of the common myths about sex is that it is supposed to be 'natural' or automatic, like eating and sleeping. Reproductive sex does appear to be biologically natural. But the other functions of sex - heightened pleasure, personal self-esteem, and relationship intimacy - are achieved by learning psychosexual skills. Metz & McCarthy

What is Sexual Coaching for Men?


Sexual coaching for men  (homo- hetero- bi- and transsexual ... coachees)

is a mix of these elements: 

  • Personalized sexuality information and education
  • Mental framing
  • Emotional balancing
  • Professional sexological guidance and mentoring
  • Behavioural training and bodywork
  • Resources and referrals

Direct testing in a non-judgemental setting is a great way to experience body-conscious, mindful learning. In addition, there is always my feedback in real time, so you can immediately recognize and change unfavourable habits and you are very much encouraged to appreciate and deepen what is already working well.


Who does benefit from this setting? Men who look for: 

  • Empowerment of sexual / erotic self-confidence
  • Overcoming unwanted masturbatory idiosyncrasies
  • Understanding sexual desire, clarity on sexual orientation and erotic attraction codes
  • Empowerment and positive change of sexual self-image, one's own erotic body perception and sexual self-acceptance
  • ... 

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1:30 (130,00 Euro) | 2:00 (150,00 Euro) | 2:30 (200,00 Euro)


Fees & Cancellations


Payment must be made by cash after each session and it is not covered by

health insurance. Your coaching time is reserved for you; therefore I expect to be paid in full if you cancel in less than 24 hours. I will always try to reschedule another session if you are unable to keep your appointment. However if this is not possible I will charge for the session. If you are late the session will finish at the agreed time.


Please ring the bell button PRAXIS.


All sessions are strictly confidential. No information will be shared without your permission except under exceptional circumstances [where I reserve the right to contact who I think would be appropriate if I believe you are in danger of harming your self or harming others].