Mindful Bodywork

What leads to change is awareness. Betty Martin



To be touched and to touch is a deep human need that never leaves us - it is vital:

From the mother's womb to the deathbed. It is essential for our physical, mental and spiritual health. 

On the other hand, many people have trouble perceiving which touches are really good for them, 

or have had experiences as children or adults where touches were primarily assaultive, painful and humiliating.


The Mindful Bodywork (MB) is an gentle approach that invites to become more aware of their own body, their own impulses, emotions, thoughts, needs and wishes. MB can help you to feel, understand and appreciate your own body better. MB is a mindful, slow and quiet approach, it is part of an ongoing counselling process.


If you are only interested in MB, then a 30-minute preliminary talk is necessary via Zoom or in the practice, in which the framework conditions are explained and also whether it makes sense to work together.