Hypno-Sexology for Men in English

People do not come into therapy to change their past but their future. Milton Erickson


A hypno-sexological session integrates, to the proven positive possibilities of hypnosis, with psychosexual and sexological experience and competence for the sustainable solution of sexual difficulties and disorders. Hypnosis leads to a state of deep mental and physical relaxation, combined with focused attention. This state is called trance. This special effect can be used, for example, to work on psychological limitations and challenges and solve them permanently.

This approach has nothing to do with show hypnosis practices. Because the client is not "mentally stepped away", but clearly focused, concentrated and always remains capable of acting.

In a hypno-sexological setting, the trustful and safe space is created to better understand the sexual pattern or behaviour that is perceived as humiliating, restrictive, obstructive or disturbing, and to be able to process.

In a further step, the finding of good and lasting solutions is accompanied, supported and deepened.

A hypno-sexological session usually takes 1:30 to 2 hours.


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Payment must be made by cash after each session and it is not covered by health insurcance.

Your session time is reserved for you; therefore I expect to be paid in full if you cancel in less than 72 hours. I will always try to reschedule another session if you are unable to keep your appointment. However if this is not possible I will charge for the session. If you are late the session will finish at the agreed time. Please ring the bell button PRAXIS.


All sessions are strictly confidential. No information will be shared without your permission except under exceptional circumstances [where I reserve the right to contact who I think would be appropriate if I believe you are in danger of harming your self or harming others].